Medical Device Marketing: Cardiva

In early April, SFA was tasked with developing a promotional piece for Cardiva Medical's newest product line, VASCADE. The goal of the brochure was not only to communicate the advantages of the product to the surgeons, but to also position the product as a valuable addition to the hospital supply chain, saving time while ensuring fewer complications.

VASCADE is a new generation extravascular closure device designed to increase the comfort and safety of vascular closure for patients. VASCADE utilizes a unique delivery system based on a proprietary technology developed by Cardiva. The device provides temporary hemostasis following femoral access procedures without the need for any permanent component left behind. VASCADE will help to reduce hospitals and labs complications from bleeding and the risks associated with other closure methods and devices.

Cardiva Medical received Series 3 private equity financing in August 2014. One of the investors stated, “Cardiva’s product platform offers the potential to transform the vascular closure market by improving both patient safety and comfort.”

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