Improved UX and Interactivity

Iroquois Gas Transmission System owns and operates a 416-mile interstate natural gas pipeline extending from the Canadian border in New York State through Connecticut, Long Island and the Bronx. Essentially, Iroquois supplies competitively priced natural gas into the populous Northeast.

Iroquois has distinct operating units within the company and their existing corporate website didn’t reflect their current capabilities or help customers with different needs navigate to the help they need online. We met with their sales, marketing and technical teams, multiple times, to gather input and refine messaging, as well as redesigning and rewriting the entire website, including improved UX and usability in a responsive design.

SFA also helped redesign a critical element on their site – the Iroquois interactive map. Iroquois’ interactive map on their existing website was dated and limited in functionality. SFA was tasked with implementing a solution which utilized the updated map design and fit modern website development standards.

We determined the best framework to build the tool in would be the Google Maps JavaScript API. Working closely with the Iroquois designers, SFA took careful steps to make sure the new interactive map worked seamlessly across all operating systems and screen sizes. With the exception of a key we added, allowing users to toggle different pipelines and stations, we carried over familiar features from Google Maps such as the zoom, full screen, and overall aesthetic.

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