Topspin Consumer Partners

Consumer Private Equity

Topspin Partners is another private equity client of SFA with a unique focus on consumer brands. That focus is what drove us to design a new site for Topspin that was truly differentiated from most of the B2B work that we do, with a cool, image-driven look and consumer-focused feel that represents the types of brands and companies Topspin invests in and wants to attract to their portfolio.

SFA worked with the Topspin team to develop a new positioning and design direction that reflects the nature of their business. Their new site features consumer product portfolio companies (i.e. Wet Brush, Palmetto Moon, Play Monster) as well as substantive content around Topspin’s investment philosophy, strategy and criteria. We met with their team initially to gather input for the process, and again to present our brand calibration and research findings that served as the basis for marketing decisions we made around developing their new site.

The Topspin Partners site was developed in WordPress rather than our own CMS because it is what the Topspin employees felt comfortable using. While we prefer our own CMS solution, we are always willing to accommodate customer preference.

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