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Developing from the ground up

Your website is important. It allows businesses and customers alike to view your brand the way you want to be seen. Today it’s easy enough to buy a template, add your logo and call it a day but what is that really doing for you?

As a top B2B website development company in the US for over 30 years, SFA takes pride in custom developing every website for our client’s specific needs. Our website development team uses your business goals as a foundation for our research and analytics to determine the most effective information architecture. We create semi-functional design concepts based on our discussions for your team to review.

After the design is finalized our B2B website development team gets to work. Our developers follow best practices to ensure your website is responsive, has strong SEO and is conducive for conversions. We use cutting-edge website development techniques with user-experience in mind. SFA develops a custom CMS so your team can continue to make edits after launch.

Website Development Case Study
SFA's website development brings O’Neil Cinemas to the next level

SFA's website development brings O’Neil Cinemas to the next level

In order to elevate the O’Neil Cinemas brand, SFA dove into some research, analytics and competitor analysis. After a comprehensive review a couple key pieces of information became clear. Almost 70% of O’Neil’s traffic was coming from mobile devices and users almost always went straight to the ticketing page their specific theatre.

SFA redesigned the user experience. By having the customer select their location on the landing page O’Neil can show theatre specific amenities and have ticketing built into the homepage. SFA integrated Vista, a third-party ticketing platform, to make purchasing intuitive. The team created individual pages for each of O’Neil’s amenities for an optimal SEO advantage.

Visit O’Neil Cinemas to see the results.

B2B Marketing agency testimonial

Dan O’Neil

Advertising agency client logo

"In the movie business new content is always changing. SFA consistently responds to our time sensitive needs and delivers exceptional creative in the process."

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