APS Technology

Worldwide reach

New England-based APS Technology develops, sells and services highly engineered drilling technologies to customers in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. Like many companies led by a strong engineering team, speaking to other technical purchase influencers was simple. Communicating APS’ big picture business proposition turned out to be more of a challenge.

SFA recently developed a corporate video for APS that showcases the companies’ global reach, thought leadership and mission as one of the leading drilling technology companies in the world. We shot on location at APS’ headquarters, capturing video footage of the drills and sensors APS is working on from each of their manufacturing facilities. We also interviewed top executives within the company.

Using creative editing techniques, motion graphics and a powerful background track, SFA carefully combined the collective footage into a concise, impactful video that succinctly communicates APS’ vision and strengths for a C-suite audience. Next up, we are developing a launch strategy to promote the video on the APS website and LinkedIn.

SFA has previously helped APS develop a series of communications pieces that highlight the value they bring to their customers including maximizing return on production, minimizing downtime, and ensuring 24/7 service access so their clients’ drilling operations run on time and on budget.

SFA recently launched a new website for APS that features simplified navigation and 3D animation that fully displays their products’ amazing functionality. Additionally, we rebranded the company logo, produced a corporate brochure, developed digital and print advertising, and significantly increased their trade show traffic at oil and gas industry conferences.


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