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A recent HubSpot survey on customer video habits shows that 81% of customers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. This powerful statistic alone is reason enough to make sure that your brand is represented.

Video is a powerful window into your companies brand soul. It can give the viewer a true sense of who you are and more importantly why they should buy from you. Corporate brand, products and HR can all benefit from telling the brand story.

Video Production Case Study
Making Sofia a Priority for Dense Breast Patients

Making Sofia a Priority for Dense Breast Patients

When Hitachi Medical was looking to introduce Sofia, an ultrasound device for the detection of breast cancer in dense breast patients, they turned to SFA. Sofia is a state of the art device that allows patients to comfortably lie flat on a scanning table during their exam.

Among the many launch materials developed, SFA produced two videos explaining the advantages of using Sofia from both the patient’s and physician’s perspective. The content was then used at trade shows, on the web page, in presentations, landing pages and for general PR purposes.

B2B Marketing agency testimonial

Tom Oko, Marketing Director

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"SFA's strategy was spot on. By creating the umbrella slogan, "Ultrasound clearly defined" we were able to truly segment our product offerings by application and specialty, allowing our sales teams to become far more relevant to each customer's needs."

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