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One of the most personal and difficult endeavors for any company is developing the proper naming strategy for a new entity. Whether it be a product or company, the right name can make the difference between relevance and obscurity.

Our company naming services employ a naming SWOT strategy that identifies potential naming conventions by weighing the core advantages of the entity against the projected customer needs. Aspirational, definitive, obscure are all potential paths that a naming convention can travel. Defining and then honing in on the name with the best chance of creating need is a rare combination of art and science.

Company Naming Case Study
Defining the experience in a name

Defining the experience in a name

When a long time entertainment client was looking to develop a line of high end craft dining and movie theaters they asked SFA to develop naming concepts for the new enterprise. After our initial research phase, SFA went to work defining what names would define the experience and project the image that the client was looking for.

After numerous variations and refinements, Woodfire Cinema+Eatery was born. Woodfire and it’s logo truly defined the upscale casual dining and movie going experience that customers could expect. SFA also provided many samples of how the name could be used in various capacities throughout the venues.

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