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A companies brand name and brand mark send an instant message to its viewers. Within seconds, a person's mind establishes whether or not a brand is trustworthy enough for them to support. Moreover, every brand has to appeal to it's unique target audience. As industries and markets evolve, brands naturally need to adapt to stay current and competitive. That's where our rebranding agency steps in.

Whether you already have an in-house marketing team, or need an agency partner that can act as your marketing division, we are ready to collaborate, listen, and research – then develop an action plan to facilitate the sales of your products or services.

We can support your current brand with effective rebranding and marketing strategies. Or, start from the ground up to create a completely refined brand identity, positioning and platform – to differentiate you from the competition and rise above the cacophony of noise in your market.

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Reimagining an entire brand

Reimagining an entire brand

APS delivers field performance and design confidence worldwide for oilfield and harsh environment downhole drilling needs. When APS Technologies, the largest independent oilfield drilling manufacturer in the US, was looking to upgrade their brand they turned to our rebranding agency.

As the company had grown, their brand and messaging had not kept pace with their success. SFA went to work performing a complete brand recalibration by building a more relevant brand experience that telegraphed the APS story, its core competencies and points of differentiation.

SFA also developed a sales program that for the first time defined APS’s customer support commitment and gave the customer a clear understanding of how engineering, training, repair and upgrade paths are all provided post sale.

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Company Naming

A great naming strategy boils down to one critical factor - differentiation.

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Acquisition Integration

Unique opportunities and challenges require the proper balance of brand respect, coordination and urgency to maximize the true potential of an acquisition.

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Brand Architecture & Planning

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that's brand architecture.

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Rebranding & Messaging

If you’re not projecting your brand value, we guarantee you that your competitors are doing it for you.

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Brand Positioning

Building brands that build trust – and your bottom line.

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Value Proposition Development

Defining critical points of differentiation can mean the difference between your product being adopted or simply being considered a commodity.

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Research & Analysis

It's not what a company thinks it is that tempers growth… it’s what it thinks its not.

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