Value Proposition Development

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Value propositions are about creating a solution for your customers. By understanding their real needs and applying our brand research SFA begins to test and ultimately deploy a solid value proposition. This proposition helps to differentiate your brand and out position your competition.

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Value Proposition Development Case Study
Uncovering what really makes a surgeon smile

Uncovering what really makes a surgeon smile

Aloka, Hitachi Medical Americas (HMA) Ultrasound division was looking to promote their line of enhanced surgical ultrasound units. SFA was tasked with developing advertising and collateral materials that conveyed HMA’s value to the surgical physician's market.

SFA immediately set out to find the point of differentiation by conducting market research and speaking to surgeons in a variety of disciplines. The research confirmed that HMA’s product line had some clear advantages in terms of technology. However, a consistent theme of the surgeons' comments revolved more around the exceptional tactile response of the HMA probes they were using.

By leveraging HMA probes and their tactile response in the hands of the surgeon, SFA provided a distinct point of differentiation and more importantly a clear reason to use the product.

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Tom Oko, Marketing Director

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"SFA's strategy was spot on. By creating the umbrella slogan, "Ultrasound clearly defined" we were able to truly segment our product offerings by application and specialty, allowing our sales teams to become far more relevant to each customer's needs."

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