Survey Sampling International

Reimagining an Established Brand

Research Now SSI has an expansive portfolio of 5,500 global clients that rely on this industry leader for market research. SFA developed an improved brand identity, created value-driven messaging and rebuilt their website to accurately reflect the business’ strengths and capabilities.

SFA conducted market, competitive and internal research to revitalize and evolve their brand platform and convey the global- and mobile-marketing research strengths of the company.

SFA's creative and technology teams worked together to create a new Research Now SSI website that is refined and modern, is responsively coded for mobile optimization, utilizes intuitive navigation, and promotes Research Now SSI’s industry leadership. We developed a user-friendly Knowledge Center with improved search, and a simplified Content Management System (CMS) to support the distribution of marketing content. Ultimately, SSI wanted to make it easy for customers and prospects to find relevant information on their site — and that is exactly what SFA delivered.

When the new Research Now SSI site launched, their team reported significant increases in page views, average session duration, and users. In addition, the bounce rate has been reduced.

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