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Defibtech designs and manufactures life-saving resuscitation devices including automated external defibrillators (AEDs), mechanical chest compressors, and related accessories. With more than 400,000 AED units in the field globally, you see their defibrillators everywhere – airports, gyms, hotels, colleges. Virtually any place people congregate, if you look hard enough, there’s probably a Defibtech device installed, waiting to help save lives. Public safety personnel, healthcare providers, and bystanders depend on these devices every day.

Defibtech partnered with SFA to help deliver a website worthy of their industry-leading products. Their existing website, although functional, presented users with some challenges. The pages were too long, requiring cumbersome scrolling, and the graphic user interface wasn’t easy to navigate. With no existing mega menus, finding a specific product took far too many clicks.

SFA created a website design that highlighted their solutions, easing navigation considerably. Beyond creating and designing a user-friendly website, we also built out specific pages that presented each device’s benefits. These pages were populated with striking imagery and compelling copy, that speaks directly to all of the different industry verticals that Defibtech serves in an impactful and customized manner.

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