O'Neil Cinemas

A Refined User Experience

The movie theatre business is a competitive business in every way - you need better amenities, better concessions and a better user experience on your site. The chains that thrive like O’Neil Cinemas do so because they adapt and change with the times to keep moviegoers happy and coming back to fill their seats.

O’Neil is a long-time client of SFA and we have helped the regional theatre chain through multiple transitions. Most recently, we’ve been working with O’Neil on refining the user experience throughout their site. The result is far more visually-rich content, automation of their movie trailers and integration with ticketing so that users can see and access everything they need to decide on a movie and purchase tickets.

Additionally, we’ve improved user experience with site navigation, their loyalty club, gift card purchasing and integration with their social channels. To continually promote new offers, we’ve added features like an interruptor offering discount movie nights to further incent ticket purchases.


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Dan O’Neil

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"In the movie business new content is always changing. SFA consistently responds to our time sensitive needs and delivers exceptional creative in the process."

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