Email Marketing

Giving Customers a Reason to Buy

An effective email program can have a potent impact on the bottom line. Well researched and poignant content targeted to current and potential customers establishes credibility, strengthens relationships and builds your brand awareness.

For sales, an effective email campaign with strong call to actions can help to improve customer communication, generate calls and increase website traffic. The right mix of content and sales presentation combined with the proper blast frequency can dramatically boost sales in a short timeframe.

Email Marketing Case Study
Using Email Marketing to Tap New Markets

Using Email Marketing to Tap New Markets

Direct marketing is alive and well!

According to Chief Marketer’s "2018 B2B Lead Gen Outlook" report, the top source of leads for B2B Marketers is…wait for it….Email Marketing! And the report goes on to say that Email Marketing not only produces the most leads, but the highest ROI leads. And ROI is what it’s all about.

Our client, Invisible Sentinel has embraced Email Marketing…big time! Invisible Sentinel’s first-in-class DNA detection tools to help breweries, vineyards, and food companies identify potential microbial contaminants in beer, wine, and food so that they can be eliminated…potentially saving their customers tens of thousands of dollars. But, since they are so new to the market, many potential customers are unaware of their groundbreaking solution.

Working with SFA Marketing, Invisible Sentinel has crafted a series of email campaigns targeting breweries that are getting extraordinary results. Using personalization, compelling calls to action, and carefully crafted email copy, underpinned with HubSpot’s marketing automation system, Invisible Sentinel can boast of these successes:

  • A “Limited Time Free Offer” email with a 41.3% Open Rate.
  • A geographically-centered appointment setting email that got a 52.9% Open Rate and a 4.2% Click Rate.
  • An email focusing on a particular brewing pain point (spoiled beer) that got a 54.3% Open Rate and an astounding 12.2% Click Rate.

All this goes to show that when you combine great creative with an innovative product that solves a big problem you can still get outstanding results with email marketing.

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