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Every B2B or B2C company could benefit from a strong social media presence. The big customer facing networks today are Facebook (Meta), Instagram and Twitter. B2B businesses on the other hand are using LinkedIn more than ever to communicate to their customers. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. SFA Marketing has developed social media strategies and creates regular posts for a number of clients. We build a target audience and engage them with expertly branded media. Social media must be part of the mix if you’re going to optimize your digital marketing to drive sales. Our social media marketing agency establishes your presence and maintains a consistent presence by sharing a variety of content, including webinars, videos, articles, infographics and such that speak to the business challenges of your prospects.


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Our Clients Trust Our Social Media Marketing Agency

Our Clients Trust Our Social Media Marketing Agency

Promotional marketing is a business marketing strategy designed to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. No one is going to buy a product or service they haven't heard of, nor will they buy it from you if they don't know what your company offers. This is why a great social media strategy is vital if you want to grow your business. According to Ambassador, 71% of consumers who have experienced positive social media services with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. That's why we take such pride in providing excellent content marketing strategies to our clients. Contact our social media marketing agency to discuss how we could improve your brand's social media presence.

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