Hudson Ferry Capital

Building Value Through Branding

Hudson Ferry Capital is one of several private equity partnerships we have developed over time, a testament to the strong business sense that drives SFA. These firms are run by highly intelligent, yet one might say highly skeptical business people who want to see tangible value associated with marketing expense.

Typically, we are brought in to brand or rebrand a portfolio company that was acquired or received investment capital. In many cases, the company’s website is outdated, their branding and creative needs a refresh, and again there can be a culture of resistance to marketing change.

What’s been most encouraging for us, has been the overwhelmingly positive response we get from both the investors and the portfolio company when they see our capabilities in action and the difference we can make in a short period of time.

Once we’ve proved our worth, Hudson Ferry like other investment firm partners, have entrusted us with communicating their own expertise to the financial markets. For Hudson Ferry, that meant a new website that conveys their market position, and being a trusted resource that consistently demonstrates clear ROI when it comes to marketing their portfolio.

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