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PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns are guaranteed to drive traffic to your website. Marketers bid to get their website to the top of the search results and pay when their ad is clicked. If you aren’t following certain guidelines that money could easily be wasted.

SFA has extensive experience determining search phrases that your target audience uses so you can get the most valuable leads for your dollar. We use Google Keyword Planner, Analytics and AdWords conjunctively to develop the most effective campaigns possible. Our team closely monitors traffic patterns and analytics to evolve your campaign as it runs.

PPC Case Study
Reaching Cardiva’s niche audience at a point of need

Reaching Cardiva’s niche audience at a point of need

Cardiva Medical saw a need in the medical market. A large distributor in the business had a shortage of a device’s integral to a common procedure. Cardiva approached SFA and worked with the team to determine what the practitioners looking for alternative supplies would be searching for. SFA developed a landing page designed to turn traffic into conversions. Our team did some careful research and came up with a list of keywords to begin targeting. We set up a campaign and worked with Google to ensure the ads would only show up under relevant searches. Once the campaign launched we worked closely with the Cardiva team to make sure the leads they received were valuable. Cardiva generated significant profits off of the campaign and was very pleased with the results.

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Reporting & Analytics

Understanding the drivers behind your visitors behavior will deliver a greater focus on what your customer is really looking for.

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If you’re not on the first page of search results, you’re probably just sitting on the bench. At a minimum, 75% of click throughs go to first page results.

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If a properly planned SEO strategy is your lead engine, then a targeted PPC program can be your jet fuel.

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iBook Development

Give sales a leg up on the competition by arming your team with a tool that can boost orders for even your lowest performers.

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Online Advertising

Social media and content aggregators have opened up new avenues for marketing. Don’t let your business fall behind.

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Website Development

Your website is the world’s window into your business. Make an impression.

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CMS Development

Building every CMS from the ground up allows SFA to customize content management to better suit our client's needs.

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Third-Party Integration

Whether you need backend systems, product configurators, inventory management or complex tracking systems, SFA’s interactive teams have the experience and expertise to seamlessly integrate your third party systems.

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Responsive Design

52.2% of all internet traffic came from mobile devices in 2018. We Are Social Do you know if your website will work on all of them?

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Marketing Automation

Lead generation is at the heart of every sales process. Guiding prospective customers through that process will give your sales teams a better chance to close.

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Open a new revenue stream with a fresh online storefront. Let your website do the work for you.

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Custom Solutions

Not all solutions can be found off the shelf. With our extensive expertise, we can custom tailor an application to meet your unique requirements.

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