Your Digital Strategy Should Work for Your Business Strategy

When you think digital strategy, you might think mobile design, site analytics or SEO. Of course they’re top of mind, but we’re starting to dive deeper into things like automation — how we can make life easier for our clients given the digital tools and technologies at our disposal.

Digital Strategy Case Study
Filling seats in the competitive world of movie theatres

Filling seats in the competitive world of movie theatres

The movie theatre business is a surprisingly tricky business when it comes to digital strategy. Sites require frequent content updates of large video files that can slow page loads. Moviegoers expect online ticketing, loyalty programming, lightning site speed and an easy-to-use interface. 

Theatre chain O’Neil Cinemas, is a long-time SFA client whose digital needs have evolved over time. We were initially engaged to improve site UX -- design more visual appeal, create a better interface for their loyalty club, improve site navigation, ensure responsive design for mobile search. We redesigned the front end of the entire site to make it faster, more intuitive and give it more drama. 

We’ve continued to evolve site functionality, automating trailers for example, a task that previously required weekly manual updating. Once you select your preferred theater, the site remembers and personalizes the experience going forward. We’ve integrated online ticket purchasing through the Vista Cinema platform. We also worked with O’Neil staff to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Now, Closed Caption, Audio Description, Listening Device, and Wheelchair Accessible attributes are properly entered into the Vista software, and utilize Vista’s API to dynamically pull that information for each movie and display it elegantly with icons along with the movie’s showtimes.

We continue to use promotions, social and other outbound marketing initiatives to help O’Neil fill their seats. We really see digital in terms of what it can do for our clients. For O'Neil, that's continuing to serve up entertaining experiences in a highly competitive marketplace. 


Dan O’Neil


"In the movie business new content is always changing. SFA consistently responds to our time sensitive needs and delivers exceptional creative in the process."

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