Case Study: Amazon PPC & Branding

This case study considers data recorded between March 2023 and July 2023, the 5 month period SFA was contracted to work on Amazon Advertising campaigns for the client.

Building PPC & Amazon storefront campaigns
An established brand, untapped e-commerce potential

Creating an effective Amazon advertising campaign can pose any number of unique challenges that go hand-in-hand with using the e-commerce giant's selling platform.

Looking to our digital marketing expertise, a nationally beloved puzzle book publication asked SFA to develop a compelling brand store, optimize their product listings, and to create and manage sponsored advertising campaigns to elevate their brand presence on Amazon.

Following the creation of an entirely new Amazon store front, our team began to leverage the inviting new selling platform to run Sponsored Brands advertising campaigns. We started with a daily budget of $10 with unique ads for each of the four highest performing puzzle book categories. After several weeks of search term and user click-through data gathering, our team further optimized the keyword targeting and bumped the budgets up to $50 per day.

Amazon Spend vs. Sales

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is perhaps the greatest indicator of an Amazon advertising campaign's health and trajectory. ROAS is a simple ratio of a campaign's total sales divided by the campaign's total spend.

Key Metrics

>260% ROAS Growth

Lifetime Campaign Return on Ad Spend from 1.05 to 2.74

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+25% Gross Sales

Average boost of 24.9% to total Amazon sales
(Month-over-month, 2022 vs. 2023)

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$1 on Ads, $2.74 in Sales

Peak return of $2,342.79 with spend of $859.47
(July 2023)

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For the lifetime of our puzzle book advertising efforts, we began the first month at a Return on Ad Spend of 1.05. By the time July concluded, the last full month of our contracted efforts, our ROAS was holding steady at 2.74.

Amazon Total Sales

As the campaign targeting and budgeting settings were dialed in, we also saw upward trends for brand impressions, as well as gross Amazon platform sales. In July 2023, the last full month our advertising campaigns ran, we saw a 44% increase in sales versus July of 2022. Strong sales and impressions securely position this e-commerce seller for success in the 2023 holiday season and beyond, with an excellent digital brand platform to build upon.

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