Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic in 2022

Driving consistently increasing website traffic is the holy grail of online business development – it is what impacts the awareness / favorability / trust pyramid, as well as purchasing process. There are many strategies that can be utilized in 2022 to attract visitors, depending on what type of business (consumer, B2B, corporate), products and/or services offered, and target audience(s).

But the most important – and the baseline for success – is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the techniques used to increase visibility in organic search results.

Recently, SFA Marketing was requested to design an involving, visually appealing, highly informational and product-centric website for one of our B2B clients. In addition, the site needed to be flexible enough to accommodate expansion, and include an intuitive navigation that enabled visitors to access any piece of information with no more than "3 clicks."

Utilizing a range of programming and content development techniques, here is how the new site performed:

6 Months BEFORE the Launch
Visits: 30,855
Unique Visitors: 23,455
Page views: 101,546
Avg. Visit Duration: 1 minute, 29 seconds
Organic Search Engine Visits: 4,214

6 Months AFTER the Launch
Visits: 78,997 ( 156% increase )
Unique Visitors: 57,280 ( 144% increase )
Page views: 266,053 ( 162% increase )
Avg. Visit Duration: 2 minutes, 46 seconds ( 86% increase )
Organic Search Engine Visits: 48,038 ( 1,172.46% increase )

With the increase in organic search engine visits came an influx of website leads. During the 6 months following the launch of the new website, over 1100 leads were generated.

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