Advertising Agency in CT, SFA, Celebrates 35th Anniversary

We’re Grateful for 35 Years!

Is there anything more gratifying than knowing you’ve made a difference in others' lives? We can’t think of anything, which is good news because it means we’re still in the right industry.

For 35 years, the mission of SFA Marketing has been to help businesses grow by taking the burden of traditional and digital marketing off their plates and bringing them amazing results through our services. 

What started out as a two person advertising agency in Southport, CT, turned into an ever-growing, successful team of marketers and advertisers.

We’ve developed lasting relationships with our clients, each other, and many great individuals we have met along the way. Our team has helped each other within the company and externally in the community in the face of numerous challenges, like the pandemic, throughout the years. 

We’re still as committed to our mission now as we were when we started.

As our team grows, so does our knowledge and expertise. We are a multidisciplined team of communications professionals and we regularly hold each other accountable for staying up to date on all the latest trends in our industry. We get together every week to share what we’ve learned and plan for how to best use that information to help our clients.

Adaptation and communication have been the keys to our success. Although the term 'advertising agency' have evolved into the broader, more  encompassing term 'marketing agency' and now 'digital marketing agency', we are still here doing what we did at the start - growing businesses by means of communication.

We appreciate the people we have encountered in our 35 year journey. We love helping our current clients grow and can’t wait to build new relationships.

As always, we are excited for the future of our company.

Here's to many more years!

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