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SFA Marketing Blog AuthorBio: Kajone has over 10 years experience in web programming and applications development across a variety of platforms and operating systems. At SFA, he provides input on all web related initiatives and manages a team of developers and freelancers to take client concepts and bring them to fruition.

Is Responsive Web Design Necessary?

SFA Marketing Responsive Web Design Case StudyWith the evolution of technology, we now have a plethora of desktops, tablets, and smartphones that come in a variety of operating systems and sizes. That complexity will only continue to grow.

Responsive web design is a programming technique which allows optimal display of a website on all of these devices while improving mobile SEO.

Importance of a Single URL

You may ask why a single URL matters. Well, if your site is not configured properly with rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical” tags or has faulty redirects or smartphone-only errors, your site will be penalized in Google’s search results.… Read More

Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic

Google AnalyticsDriving consistently increasing website traffic is the holy grail of online business development – it is what impacts the awareness / favorability / trust pyramid, as well as purchasing process. There are many strategies that can be utilized to attract visitors, depending on what type of business (consumer, B2B, corporate), products and/or services offered, and target audience(s).

But the most important – and the baseline for success – is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the techniques used to increase visibility in organic search results.… Read More

Is Your PDF Causing Internet Explorer 10 to Freeze?

Is Your PDF Causing IE 10 to Crash?Many of our clients host Portable Document Files (PDFs) on their websites. The display of these PDFs within the web browser itself yields inconsistent results.

For example, when viewing a PDF in Firefox, I am greeted with a message that “This PDF might not be displaying correctly” and an option to “Open With a Different Viewer”.

When viewing a PDF in Google Chrome, which uses a native PDF viewer, generally, there aren’t any issues, but I did notice that ligatures aren’t displayed properly.… Read More