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Five Tips for Creating Viral Content

In his book The Tipping Point, journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell writes about the forces that cause brands to go viral.  Epidemiologists use the term ”tipping point” to refer to the moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches critical mass. The interesting thing about this book however, is that it never really answers the essential question for any marketer: How do I make something tip?

Particularly now, when content is KING and creating viral content is…well…bigger than KING, is it possible to create content that you know, in advance, will become viral?… Read More

On Your Mark, Get Set, Design!


“Can you have this done in an hour?”

“The client needs it YESTERDAY”

“I need three solid ideas by the end of day…”

If you are a graphic designer you can relate to this. Designers are challenged everyday with coming up with creative ideas and solutions fast. But that’s what makes our jobs exciting.

Here are a few tips to help you create, design and execute your ideas in a short period of time:

Focus. Turn your phone off. Close your email.… Read More

The Sound of Marketing | An Overview of Sound Codes

Custom Styled QR CodeEvery so often for as long as I can recall, I enjoy doing some research about Steganography and of particular interest is hidden data transmission via sound. I’ve always been intrigued by these technologies and the use cases that they enable. Though obviously not originally intended for mobile marketing, advertising and consumer applications, we are starting to see experiments that apply similar techniques in these areas.

Much like QR Codes, Sound Codes can be used to assist in mobile marketing by letting people interact and become more immersed with some form of advertisement collateral.… Read More

Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic

Google AnalyticsDriving consistently increasing website traffic is the holy grail of online business development – it is what impacts the awareness / favorability / trust pyramid, as well as purchasing process. There are many strategies that can be utilized to attract visitors, depending on what type of business (consumer, B2B, corporate), products and/or services offered, and target audience(s).

But the most important – and the baseline for success – is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the techniques used to increase visibility in organic search results.… Read More

The Value of Integrated Sales & Marketing Teams

One of the many benefits of working in this business is that we are afforded a front row seat into our clients’ sales and marketing worlds. While we don’t follow them like man’s best friend waiting for dinner, we do get a good look at:
The Value of Integrated Sales & Marketing Teams

  • Their company-to-company and person-to-person sales processes
  • How they bring new products and services to market, and to individual customers
  • The range of mostly similar strategies and tactics they use to promote and sell
  • How sales people react to quotas and the pressures associated with meeting them – or not
  • How sales and product management generally work more closely than other departments
  • How sales and marketing departments rarely respect each other – and think the other “works” for them

It sounds obvious that if any two departments should work together, it would be sales and marketing.… Read More

Practicing What We Preach – The New SFA Website

SFA_Responsive-300wWhen it comes to marketing, those who can’t, should not teach.

So when we set out to refresh and evolve the SFA website, we followed our own advice and utilized the same fundamental processes that we recommend and employ with all of our clients. You would think that because we have designed and developed 50+ consumer, B2B and corporate websites over the years that we should have a trick or two up our sleeve for leapfrogging a few steps, for making the process faster and more efficient than what we use with our clients.… Read More

How to Design an Effective Logo


There is nothing more exciting (at least for me) than having the opportunity to design a logo. It is exciting because it is in your hands to make a logo memorable. You just have to make sure you follow a process to get there. Here is the process I usually follow:

Design Brief: Before you start the design process you should have an understanding of what the client is looking for. After all, the end result has to meet the needs of the client.… Read More