A Healthy Dose of Persuasion | Marketing The Affordable Care Act

Medical Marketing AgencyBy now, most people are aware of federal healthcare laws that will require all of us to have health insurance (Affordable Care Act) or be penalized come tax time. Regardless of the debate around this policy, it is interesting to monitor the industry as it readies for a competitive marketplace that is strongly focused on a specific customer profile – the young healthy people aka “Young Invincibles.” That’s a challenge, and why smart marketing and advertising strategies are in high demand. The total amount to be spent nationally on publicity, marketing and advertising will be about $700 million, according to data The Associated Press compiled from federal and state sources.

Now we are seeing new marketing trends for nudging these uninsured consumers to start thinking about going shopping…. for health insurance. You might even start seeing actual storefronts right next to trendier shops like a Starbucks or an Apple store – places where the target market frequents. The idea is to make health insurance more tangible and provide real-world access to these products.

The Obama administration even asked celebrities to promote “Obamacare”  through TV appearances, social media and public service announcements or special events and concerts. Making insurance coverage interesting rather than what it always has been…  a mostly mundane ignorable part of our lives, is now increasingly an area of focus for creative advertising agencies that offer B2B and B2C marketing solutions.

Our Medical Industry Clients:

Most states have created online marketplaces and “hubs” to help shoppers make sense of all the options and boil it down to a smart choice for each unique customer. These websites are great resources and some, such as the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, have webinars and powerpoint presentations to educate the new wave of health insurance customers. Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace has a cost savings calculator  and a “Myth vs. Fact Quiz“.

Plenty of new video ads are appearing that are obviously trying to get the younger crowd to pay attention. Maybe we’ll see some “water cooler” worthy commercials during the next Super Bowl XIV.

I looked around for some good recent examples of health insurance video ads and created a Youtube playlist (embedded below). Enjoy!

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