B2B Marketing: Invisible Sentinel

We work with many innovators at SFA, people who have designed technologies that will truly change how companies do business. Invisible Sentinel is a great example of two entrepreneurs who are using the science of DNA to transform traditional businesses like winemaking and food processing, and the methods used to detect invisible pathogens and contaminants that are harmful to the consumer and could ruin a company’s reputation.

We began the process of branding Invisible Sentinel the way we always do—by defining their distinctive story, what is their DNA in essence. We spoke with the company’s founders, customers, marketing and sales teams, and conducted extensive competitive and market research to first, understand a very complex science, and second, determine how Invisible Sentinel is uniquely positioned in their marketplace. We brought molecular biology to the masses by communicating with clear graphics, in language even a layman could understand, why Invisible Sentinel’s technology is faster, more accurate, easier to use and cost effective. The company’s solution set continues to grow and gain popularity today with prominent names in the beer, wine and food industries adopting the technology to improve their workflow and end product. They’re not the only ones taking note. Invisible Sentinel’s pioneering biotech solution has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times and the Philadelphia Business Journal where the company is based.

Visit website at http://invisiblesentinel.com/

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