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No matter if it is print or digital, design is more than just your outward appearance; it’s about giving your customers a rewarding and memorable experience. Great design tells a story. Our B2B design services provide companies with visual storytelling to convey what your brand does and, most importantly, what kind of experiences your prospects will have when working with you.

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Website Design Case Study
Using Color and Design Elements to Enhance UX

Using Color and Design Elements to Enhance UX

UX is not just a series of technical decisions. Website design and color choices also play a big role in guiding the user journey through your site. For SFA healthcare client Cardiva, we made it extremely easy for users to navigate to their desired info on the site applying color to illuminate the journey. 

Using their existing brand standards for their leading products, we developed a color scheme to spotlight their latest product introduction. From the home page, the user chooses a distinct path to their preferred product by following the color cues. 

Additionally, we modernized their design using an element from their logo to create a “swoosh” of movement throughout. Again, this design element communicates one of Cardiva’s primary messaging points around fast-acting results. Cardiva’s site is now responsive for mobile search and their navigation reflects the dynamic changes in healthcare purchasing; the increasingly prominent role hospital administration plays in product purchase decisions. 

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B2B Design That Sells

SFA Marketing has provided high end B2B design services to global companies for over 30 years.

By combining eye-catching design and exceptional messaging with the use of cutting-edge digital technologies, our marketing campaigns hit business target goals and exceed expectations. Regardless of your campaign being traditional printed marketing materials or online via digital marketing initiatives, our design services compel customers to act.

B2B Marketing agency testimonial

Walt Oko, K1 Medical Technology

Advertising agency client logo

"We needed a new way to differentiate our product and make ordering easier. Under an extremely tight deadline, SFA delivered. Their EZ-Build configurator and the marketing materials to support it made a big impact at our trade show and truly set us apart."

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Marketing Material Design

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Creative Services

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Logo Design

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Brand Guidelines

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Corporate Identity

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