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Marketing materials are the cornerstone of the many sales teams we support. They serve as leave behinds, information sources, trade show connections and can be easily shared amongst peers. SFA understands their value and creates each piece to cater to the needs of the specific customer or event.

Many of our clients have strong brands, established graphic guidelines and simply need a partner that understands their business. SFA can develop a full range of marketing collateral that will support sales teams and create interest among prospective customers; all designed to fall within brand guidelines and templates.

Marketing Materials Case Study
The right message for the right customer

The right message for the right customer

Hitachi Ultrasound provides its diverse medical customer base with hundreds of Ultrasound options within their product portfolio. They rely on SFA to produce materials that communicate with the many medical specialties they serve and to supply the relevant value propositions to their specific audience. 

Hitachi relies on SFA to develop brochures, sell sheets, pamphlets and product catalogs that inspire a call to action and drive leads for the sales force. 


Tom Oko, Marketing Director


"SFA's strategy was spot on. By creating the umbrella slogan, "Ultrasound clearly defined” we were able to truly segment our product offerings by application and specialty, allowing our sales teams to become far more relevant to each customer's needs."

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