Reinforcing your brand at every touchpoint

A strong corporate identity needs to be at the heart of every successful company. The consistent way that a company projects its logo, tagline, sales materials, PowerPoint presentations and marketing collateral will telegraph your company’s ability to deliver on your brand promise. A cohesive and consistent brand shows your customer that you mean business.

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Making CooperSurgical consistently appeal to its customers

Making CooperSurgical consistently appeal to its customers

With hundreds of marketing materials spanning multiple vertical markets, SFA makes sure that CooperSurgical presents its strong brand in a way that customers have come to rely on. From manuals and catalogs to business cards and stationary, the Cooper brand has consistently presented unified approach to its brand. And as the business has grown, their corporate identity program has made aligning new acquisitions easier by defining a path to integration.


Randy Nagel
Director of Marketing Communications


"For our category leading medical device products, SFA is our go to agency resource. We can always rely on the talented SFA team to deliver impactful strategic and creative solutions on typical and/or compressed timetables if needed."

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Website Design

For most companies, your website is the first touchpoint for a prospect.

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Marketing Materials

Great marketing materials telegraph what the customer can expect from a brand, but more importantly, they create a need to know more.

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Creative Services

Bolt on our creative services team to your business and watch your efficiencies soar.

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Logo Design

Your logo is vital in creating an unforgettable first impression. Over the years, our graphic design teams have created effective and engaging logos for our B2B customers on a local and national level.

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Brand Guidelines

Are your employees freelancing your brand with inconsistent use of your communication materials?

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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the foundation that your brand must rest on. A consistent, powerful and assuring image will support that brand in every way.

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