The Power of a Unified Brand

SFA believes that when integrating a new acquisition into your brand, there is no static formula for success and that every acquisition or brand integration is unique. Brand equity, culture, product/service offering, timing and brand architecture all play a critical role in the speed and methodology of a brand integration.

SFA has deep experience in helping organizations uncover hidden value and ease the integration process of the brand.

Acquisition Integration Case Study
Establishing the perfect fit for two complementary services

Establishing the perfect fit for two complementary services

SFA was contacted by a Private Equity Firm to help its portfolio company, Theraplay and its “add-on”, Austill’s, more effectively communicate their inherent value to distinct target audiences including parents, medical professionals and educational institutions.

Theraplay is a leading provider of outpatient pediatric therapy services – including occupational, physical and speech therapies, together with feeding and concussion rehabilitation, early intervention and special instruction programs. Its partner company, Austill’s, provides similar contract services to a differentiated target audience comprised of educational institutions.

SFA utilized our proven Brand Calibration and market research process to develop refined brand positioning, improved brand identities, a new Austill’s logo, and targeted messaging which was written to appeal to diverse customer audiences. SFA’s design and web development teams then built two similarly branded websites with distinct content, based upon each partner company’s target audiences and service offerings.

Theraplay’s senior leadership and marketing teams were engaged throughout the rebranding process, and complimentary of the finished websites. Both Theraplay and Austill’s have received excellent feedback about the rebrand from their customers and employees, and have realized a range of website analytics improvements.


Lauren Toolan
Marketing Representative


"Having worked in WordPress CMS for years, I was pleasantly surprised by how much easier and intuitive SFA's custom CMS is. I can now edit our site in half the time it used to take, and it allows multiple levels of user access."

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