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Start Using iBooks to Power Up Sales and Improve Brand Consistency

Most salespeople rely on a variety of tools of the trade, from walking a prospect through a PowerPoint presentation to handing out the rep’s own version of a tailored leave behind. In most cases, these presentations are informative but far from engaging.

While “old school” methods of selling have their merits, they also have their disadvantages. The iBook’s engaging format is among the most powerful selling tools available today, for three reasons:

  1. iBooks are feature-rich and therefore engage the prospect.
  2. iBooks can be easily updated and tailored to present specific content.
  3. iBooks are downloaded content, not Wi-Fi, cellular, or network dependent.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these advantages. As compared to PowerPoint or a brochure/catalog, iBooks have media-rich features that include rotatable 3D objects, videos, interactive images, audio files, surveys and pop-ups that provide great detail in an appealing format. Unlike flat selling tools, iBooks engage a prospect with your product’s features and benefits and “shows” them your differentiation.

These rich features can be accessed by your sales rep for a face-to-face presentation of your product’s value and benefits. Prospects can also download iBooks from a link on your company’s website, or via email, to access the information on their own time.

A second important plus for iBooks is the content is downloaded prior to your sales meeting and doesn’t require Internet access. This can be a significant benefit, especially in hospitals and other highly secure work environments where Internet access is restricted, or cellular reception is weak.

Once the iBook is downloaded onto an iPad, the content can be used for one-on-one presentations or connected to a larger monitor to present to a group. Sales reps may choose to lead the conversation swiping through the presentation, or let the prospect take the wheel to explore features and benefits that are of most interest to them.

Download a Sample iBook

iBook technology allows marketing and sales teams to develop linear presentations of information, or provide instantly accessible content to address specific customer questions. It enables the presentation of top-line value and corporate capabilities, and the ability to drill down to present more granular, technical information that specific audiences may find valuable – all within a familiar and engaging interface.


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"SFA's strategy was spot on. By creating the umbrella slogan, "Ultrasound clearly defined” we were able to truly segment our product offerings by application and specialty, allowing our sales teams to become far more relevant to each customer's needs."

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