Can a Product Configurator Help You Serve Your Clients Better?

Websites are the workhorses of marketing communications these days. They project your brand while providing vital info about your company and its products and services, streamlining customer service, and in many cases allowing customers to buy your products (not to mention their role in employee recruiting, investor relations, etc.).

But K1 Medical, a maker of customized surgical trays, is asking their website to do a lot more. Their clients, the surgeons themselves, like to have their surgical instruments organized in the exact configuration that works best for them. Each surgeon has their own preference for how their surgical trays are configured and for the surgical tools that go into them. In the past, this tray customization was done with the intervention of a customer support person at K1 Medical and involved a lot of back and forth with the client.

With the new EZ-Build™ configurator tool, surgeons can now go to K1 Medical’s website and specify the size and depth of their tray and the size, color, and location of the brackets that hold the surgical tools within the tray…all without the intervention of a customer support person. They can actually print out a rendering of their configuration and lay their surgical tools on top to confirm that they will fit. The surgeons can then save a draft of their configuration, specify the type of brackets used, and submit the customized surgical trays without the intervention of customer support if that is their desire. (Of course, Customer Service is always there if they’d prefer to work with a human being.)

By enabling their clients to configure the product they want right on the website…without human intervention…K1 Medical is actually saving money and serving clients better at the same time. A win-win if there ever was one.

K1 Medical turned to SFA Marketing to create the EZ-Build™ configurator tool and it was a great collaboration. Do you have a product line that lends itself to this kind of customization? If you do and you’d like to explore how a product configurator can be a win-win for your company let us know!

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Walt Oko, K1 Medical Technology

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"We needed a new way to differentiate our product and make ordering easier. Under an extremely tight deadline, SFA delivered. Their EZ-Build configurator and the marketing materials to support it made a big impact at our trade show and truly set us apart."

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