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Is Responsive Web Design Necessary?

SFA Marketing Responsive Web Design Case StudyWith the evolution of technology, we now have a plethora of desktops, tablets, and smartphones that come in a variety of operating systems and sizes. That complexity will only continue to grow.

Responsive web design is a programming technique which allows optimal display of a website on all of these devices while improving mobile SEO.

Importance of a Single URL

You may ask why a single URL matters. Well, if your site is not configured properly with rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical” tags or has faulty redirects or smartphone-only errors, your site will be penalized in Google’s search results.… Read More

On Your Mark, Get Set, Design!


“Can you have this done in an hour?”

“The client needs it YESTERDAY”

“I need three solid ideas by the end of day…”

If you are a graphic designer you can relate to this. Designers are challenged everyday with coming up with creative ideas and solutions fast. But that’s what makes our jobs exciting.

Here are a few tips to help you create, design and execute your ideas in a short period of time:

Focus. Turn your phone off. Close your email.… Read More

Creating Depth of Field in 2D Graphics

DepthOfField-resultIn photography, depth of field refers to the subject matter appearing in focus while objects in front and behind it are blurry. This effect gives a sense of 3D space and realism when used in a 2D graphic. In Photoshop, you can blur the foreground (top layer) and background (bottom layer) to achieve this effect artificially. The main drawback is: if there are many layers, then you may have to adjust each layer according to its distance from the subject. The further the object from your subject matter, the blurrier it gets.… Read More

Designing for B2B

Designing for our B2B clientSome people assume right away that designing for B2B is boring. In my opinion, B2B can be as much fun – and a challenge – as B2C.

When designing for B2B, you have to keep in mind that you are targeting a company and not an individual like in B2C. Make sure you emphasize the relationship and trust that a business can offer to another business. When you design for B2B, your design should be consistent with your client’s industry “style”, but it doesn’t have to be dull or safe.… Read More

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design

Tired of your website looking so small on your smart phone? Or having to resize the window just to see the navigation tabs – and then not being able to tap or “click” them without two fingers? Then your site needs responsive design.

Responsive design is a programming approach that enables any website to automatically adapt and respond to its specific environment.

In today’s busy world, people are viewing their content – and your website – on the go. That means you need to strategically format your design to fit multiple platforms… from desktops and laptops, to tablets and smart phones.… Read More

Simplify Your QR Code

If your ad is small, and you need to incorporate a QR code, well that probably sounds simple enough. That is until you find out the QR code is so dense, you have to enlarge it for scanning on a smartphone. There goes your gorgeously designed ad and your QR code is suddenly more dominant than your headline.


The solution is to shorten your URL so you can reduce the QR code to its minimum size. Here’s how:

  1. 1. Go to and shorten your lengthy URL.
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What’s in a Color? A Helpful Infographic for your Business

Color trends change seasonally, but there are core color values that evoke
emotions and impulses in our brains that give us a certain feeling about the product or company that they are associated with.

Before selecting a color for your business, you must first decide what feeling you want to evoke from your target audience. Below is a quick reference guide to how color effects the viewer:


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Practicing What We Preach – The New SFA Website

SFA_Responsive-300wWhen it comes to marketing, those who can’t, should not teach.

So when we set out to refresh and evolve the SFA website, we followed our own advice and utilized the same fundamental processes that we recommend and employ with all of our clients. You would think that because we have designed and developed 50+ consumer, B2B and corporate websites over the years that we should have a trick or two up our sleeve for leapfrogging a few steps, for making the process faster and more efficient than what we use with our clients.… Read More

How to Design an Effective Logo


There is nothing more exciting (at least for me) than having the opportunity to design a logo. It is exciting because it is in your hands to make a logo memorable. You just have to make sure you follow a process to get there. Here is the process I usually follow:

Design Brief: Before you start the design process you should have an understanding of what the client is looking for. After all, the end result has to meet the needs of the client.… Read More