Giving Customers a Reason to Buy

An effective email program can have a potent impact on the bottom line. Well researched and poignant content targeted to current and potential customers establishes credibility, strengthens relationships and builds your brand awareness.

For sales, an effective email campaign with strong call to actions can help to improve customer communication, generate calls and increase website traffic. The right mix of content and sales presentation combined with the proper blast frequency can dramatically boost sales in a short timeframe.

Email Marketing (BACKUP) Case Study
Make the Email Engaging, and They Will Read It

Make the Email Engaging, and They Will Read It

Our client CinéBistro emails a weekly newsletter for each of their dine-in theatre locations. Emails now include a number of interactive features like promotions, movies playing and coming soon, food and drink features, contests, surveys and other useful information. 

Before, CinéBistro’s newsletters lacked the ability to buy tickets which was a critical engagement factor for their audience. Once we converted their email newsletters to a ticketing version, where consumers could buy tickets and view trailers in one place, we immediately saw positive results.

Now, email recipients are clicking on trailers, purchasing their tickets and taking a look at other features like seasonal chef specials. In response to user demand for more interactive features, we integrated this key functionality to help our client continue to build interest in new movie releases and sell tickets. 

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Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are the mirror of your brand. They provide unique marketing insights and can share your company value in a more personal way.

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Sales Programs

If your sales teams are not communicating the complete value of your offering, then they are simply selling you short.

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Email Marketing

Building strong customer relationships is a key component of growth. Used properly, email marketing campaigns can be a very effective tool to not only reach new customers, but to engage and upsell existing customers.

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Trade Shows

By just thinking, “Build it and they will come” most companies overlook the most critical element in trade show success. Driving potential customers to your booth.

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Video Production

Good video can be your best sales driver. Engage your customers with rich content that builds your case and drives home your value proposition.

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Print Advertising

Is print dead? Or has it become more tactical?

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Digital Marketing Programs

A properly designed digital marketing strategy is designed to do three things: drive buyers to your website, convert prospects into leads and help close the sale.

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