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How B2B/Industrial Animation Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Really good industrial and technical animation is one of the best investments that a marketer can make.

I was thinking about this once as I sat in a client’s lobby and watched the endlessly fascinating animation we had created of their product in action that was playing behind the receptionist. The photo-realistic animation of their product showed it from all angles and then transitioned into an exploded view of the product which revealed its inner workings and highlighted their key technological advantages in a way that even a non-engineer like me could appreciate.… Read More

To Re-Brand or Re-Calibrate Your Brand – That is the Question

There will come a time – if it hasn’t come already – that you will need to take a good, hard look at your company’s brand and decide whether you need an extreme makeover or maybe just a tweak or two.

Most marketers – especially in B2B – think of rebranding like they view flossing – they know they should be doing it but they just never get around to it. So they keep slogging along with a brand that doesn’t fully represent them anymore and which doesn’t position them properly versus the competition.… Read More

Can a Product Configurator Help You Serve Your Clients Better?

Websites are the workhorses of marketing communications these days. They project your brand while providing vital info about your company and its products and services, streamlining customer service, and in many cases allowing customers to buy your products (not to mention their role in employee recruiting, investor relations, etc.).

But K1 Medical, a maker of customized surgical trays, is asking their website to do a lot more. Their clients, the surgeons themselves, like to have their surgical instruments organized in the exact configuration that works best for them.… Read More

Prepping for Your Website Redesign

By now at least some of you marketers have been asked to begin preparing marketing budgets for FY 2019. And chances are at least a third of you will be budgeting for a website redesign. Websites age in dog years and what looked cutting edge and clean three years ago now looks dated, dumpy and dog-eared. And of course some of your competitors are planning on refreshing their websites – or have already done so – and the tyranny of the market demands that you keep up (not to mention your salesforce).… Read More

Want to Sell More Medical Devices?

Start Using iBooks to Power Up Sales and Improve Brand Consistency

Most salespeople rely on a variety of tools of the trade, from walking a prospect through a PowerPoint presentation to handing out the rep’s own version of a tailored leave behind. In most cases, these presentations are informative but far from engaging.

While “old school” methods of selling have their merits, they also have their disadvantages. The iBook’s engaging format is among the most powerful selling tools available today, for three reasons:

1) iBooks are feature-rich and therefore engage the prospect.… Read More

Want to Sell More Medical Devices?

sell-more-medical-devicesYou’d better start thinking like an industrial marketer

Let’s face it, the days of having a physician buy your product just because he likes it are over. Gone are the days of waiting in the lobby to “bump into” your physician for a few minutes of face time, or inviting key department heads to a sumptuous “lunch and learn”. Welcome to a new world: the world  of “Med-dustrial” manufacturing.

If you look at patient care as the product, and the hospitals that provide that care as the factories, it’s easy to understand how such long practiced production disciplines as supply chain economics, sourcing, lean enterprise, Kanban, ROI analysis, GPOs and VAC’s have all crept into the collective hospital purchasing vocabulary.… Read More

Is Responsive Web Design Necessary?

SFA Marketing Responsive Web Design Case StudyWith the evolution of technology, we now have a plethora of desktops, tablets, and smartphones that come in a variety of operating systems and sizes. That complexity will only continue to grow.

Responsive web design is a programming technique which allows optimal display of a website on all of these devices while improving mobile SEO.

Importance of a Single URL

You may ask why a single URL matters. Well, if your site is not configured properly with rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical” tags or has faulty redirects or smartphone-only errors, your site will be penalized in Google’s search results.… Read More

Total Cost of Ownership – Implications for the Medical Device Marketer

Medical Device MarketingThink total cost of ownership.

A few years ago, our team was working for a supply chain management company that specialized in delivering fasteners and related components to their industrial clients. During a brainstorming session, my witty creative director came up with a unique tagline for a new direct mail campaign:

“If you’re not thinking total cost of ownership…you’re just getting screws.”

Needless to say, that copy never made it to our final presentation, but the truth and humor in those words always stuck with me.… Read More

Creating Depth of Field in 2D Graphics

DepthOfField-resultIn photography, depth of field refers to the subject matter appearing in focus while objects in front and behind it are blurry. This effect gives a sense of 3D space and realism when used in a 2D graphic. In Photoshop, you can blur the foreground (top layer) and background (bottom layer) to achieve this effect artificially. The main drawback is: if there are many layers, then you may have to adjust each layer according to its distance from the subject. The further the object from your subject matter, the blurrier it gets.… Read More

Vine vs Instagram. Ding, Ding, Ding We Have a Winner!

instagram-vs-vineI should start by saying I was introduced to Vine by my twelve-year-old niece.

Vine has been described as “the best way to see and share life in motion.” Using Vine you create short, looping videos. Simple? Yes. Attention getting? Also yes.

Twitter’s Vine quickly became one of the most popular apps out there. Twitter compares the short video sharing (6 seconds or less) to the brevity of tweeting (140 characters or less) – basically the time limitation inspires you to be more creative.… Read More